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Hello🙋‍♀️ I am Priscilla, the founder of Tarot Tuesday Tribe.
Tarot Tuesday Tribe is all about spiritual guidance, growth and gratitude. I have created this space for you to feel empowered, connected, loved and spiritually energized. I have felt called to serve many magical things for my soul sister’s. You will find a spiritual monthly membership, self-love, self-care and self-worth course, level up package, reiki session and my signature card reading in this energy container. 






Come Bloom with Priscilla!

Blooming with Priscilla

Blooming with Priscilla is a membership for lightworker's, healer's and empath's. 

This is a place for you to learn about all things spiritual, I wanted to create a high vibin' space to come together as soul and have a huge spiritual up-level 

Priscilla will teach you about protecting and cleansing your energy, enhancing your intuition, moving past spiritual blocks and connect you with other spiritual leaders to advance you in your journey. 

Blooming with Priscilla Membership

Rooted with Priscilla

Rooted with Priscilla is a group coaching program that will guide you in the foundations of self-love, self-respect and self-care. In this course Priscilla will be teaching you about tools, techniques and experiences that have helped her be successful in her life. Priscilla speaks about chakras, oracle/ tarot cards, essential oils, crystals, angel numbers, animal guides. Priscilla will teach you how to apply the spiritual world to your life to raise your vibration, manifest your desire's and bring you to that next level of your life.

Rooted with Priscilla Course

Reiki Healing Session

Feeling anxious and unable to settle down? Feeling like your mind is all over the place? Feeling like you need a reset button. This one on one healing session reduces stress, tension, strengthens intuition and balances your energy centers. Priscilla is trained in Usui Reiki II and has experience in distance healing sessions. She adds a personalized twist with her guided meditation session moving through each of the seven chakra’s. This is a 90 minute comfort of your own home experience. 

Yes, balance my chakra’s!

Planted with Priscilla XL

Planted with Priscilla XL is an intuitive reading with a mixture of eight oracle cards and two tarot cards. This experience is going to serve you with healing, grounding and clarity to what your guides want you to know.

Priscilla will discuss chakras, angel numbers and signs from your angels. Have you been wondering what the universe has been trying to tell you? Do you need answers or clarity from your spirit guides? If so, this is for you. Priscilla shares her positive and genuine energy with you.

Planted with Priscilla XL Reading

Feelings of low self-esteem? Unworthiness? Loads of fear rushing though your body whenever you step into something uncomfortable? This bundle has a 30 minute Confidence MasterClass and workbook to help guide you in your confidence journey. This a a continued path of learning and action as confidence is a skill that can be mastered. Although little nerves are normal, reminds you that you are alive. 

Click here to raise your confidence today!

Level up with Priscilla's guidance:

Looking for a little bit of everything? Not sure what to pick, but feel like you want to have it all? This is the spot for you to make huge shifts and leaps in your spiritual journey. Want some one on one time to shift into your next level? In this space you will get individual readings, personalized meditations, a coaching session and reiki session WITH a bonus choice of any of the above services that were your favorite. 

Level up NOW!

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This space is where it all started. Here you will find other souls on a similar journey as you.

Get used to being Famous!

Priscilla Parent, Spiritual Coach and creator of the online community Tarot Tuesday Tribe, helps kick off The Brie Pod's very first episode. Priscilla is bringing the spiritual tools needed to help you dive deeper into your soul and business.


Listen to the full podcast episode here.

Full Episode Listen here for the the full podcast episode.

"Being a part of Blooming with Priscilla has been an amazing experience, and I am so grateful I took this step to help me along on my spiritual journey. It has been absolutely wonderful and so refreshing to connect with other women who are on similar paths, yet all unique in our own beautiful ways, and the love and support has been so huge and overwhelming! I have been given the encouragement, support and space to put myself out their as I continue to follow my inner calling to really tap into my gifts and heal myself and to share that healing with others. If you are looking to take the next step in creating a better life for yourself and manifesting your dreams, Priscilla is your girl! She is an incredibly beautiful and gifted soul, such an inspirational and confident leader, and a person who's truly touched my heart and soul, and that's something I'll never forget. ❤"

Member of Blooming with Priscilla

"I love being a part of Blooming with Priscilla, it has helped me meet new soul sisters-- that truly build you up and want to see you succeed. When I first joined I was hesitant with meeting new women, as our society has pushed us all toward a competitive lifestyle, but I can say this group of women are genuine soul sisters. It almost feels like our own version of the Sisterhood of the traveling pants -- except instead of pants. It could be cards, podcasts, love, and air hugs on days we needed to vent our worries. I love this group so much and have grown a lot from it."

Member of Blooming with Priscilla

"“Priscilla is someone who taps into your energy and you’re captivated immediately. There is this deep connection and you feel like you have known her forever. She is someone who is focused on relationships and honors where people are at in their process. Being in her space is an honor because she truly creates a community of safety and openness. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their spirituality and dive deep into other blocks in life.”"

Guest Speaker in Blooming with Priscilla

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